Da Vinci Paleontology Society

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Miocene Cave Bear claw from Romania
We are delighted to announce the start of our New Paleontology Society starting in September 2018!   Click on the flier link or on the video link to learn more about the society and the themes we will be exploring each month.  

This society is for those with a passion for Paleontology and those who wish to share and discuss their passions with others who have similar interests.  You will be impressed by our growing Da Vinci Paleontology Museum!  We focus on hands-on experiential learning so kids and adults alike can truly touch valuable pieces of history, study them up close, and learn how the past very much informs the present and the future.  The enrollment cost is a direct donation to the museum through the Da Vinci Foundation and is tax deductible.  Ages 6 to 1 million welcome.

The last page of the flier (click link above) holds our registration form - please complete and return to us.  We ask for a $2500 tax deductible donation per family for the annual membership, use of the library and society meetings.  We very much look forward to seeing current friends and meeting new friends as we delve into Paleontology and the many themes and related issues, enjoy guest speakers, debates and discussions, sharing our own fossils, studying fossils, searching for fossils and so much more! 

If you have any questions, feel free to call Catherine Cook, MSEd, Head of School/Founder at 510-219-9410.

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