Da Vinci Paleontology Society

Woolly Mammoth bones are heavy!!!!    Our Paleontology Society kicked off to a fantastic start in September 2018 as we explored the Pleistocene Epoch.  A debate on whether to bring back the woolly mammoth, close examination of mammoth hair under microscope as well as a Pleistocene squirrel jaw.  Examined and carefully held woolly mammoth bones, teeth, tusk,  bison jaw bone, cave bear claw and more.  Concluded with a carefully measured woolly mammoth taped out on the floor.

February Paleontology focused on Paleobotany.  You would not believe what dinosaur poop looks like under high magnification!  We learn a great deal about dinosaurs and plants and insects from studying coprolite.  Students also examined fossil ferns from the Pennsylvania formation as well as crinoids, blastoids and more!