Da Vinci Paleontology Society

Woolly Mammoth bones are heavy!!!!    Our Paleontology Society kicked off to a fantastic start as we explored the Pleistocene Epoch.  A debate on whether to bring back the woolly mammoth, close examination of mammoth hair under microscope as well as a Pleistocene squirrel jaw.  Examined and carefully held woolly mammoth bones, teeth, tusk,  bison jaw bone, cave bear claw and more.  Concluded with a carefully measured woolly mammoth taped out on the floor.

The October Paleontology Society focused on The Megalodon!   Students explored a range of topics from  how much Megalodons ate; the various reasons scientists believe they became extinct; how to measure the size of the shark based upon measurements of the tooth, and close up study of fossils from the Miocene Epoch whale bone, whale inner ear, shark vertebra, multiple types of shark teeth, crocodile teeth and more!