Da Vinci Center for Gifted Children

We are both sad and appreciative to so many as we announce the end of our Alameda school journey with the closing of Da Vinci Center for Gifted Children in June 2023.  

Thank you so much to all of the incredible families whom have supported our vision and been part of this incredible community for 14 years!!!!!   A special thank you to the absolutley amazing adminstration, faculty and staff (both present and past) for their incredible dedication and service to gifted children and their families.

April field trip to Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.  
As part of our hands-on experiential learning approach, Da Vinci kids go on field trips every month.

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Da Vinci Center provides opportunities far beyond the norm of traditional schools.  We engage in high level scientific experiments, monthly  field trips for exploration, discovery and connection to nature, design and build intricate projects, as well as support low income families with gifted children who need a highly specialized environment.  Please donate today to help gifted children to succeed and to thrive.

Donations: thank you so much for your valuable tax deductible donation to Da Vinci Foundation, a non-profit serving gifted children and their families.

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Letter from President/Founder Dr. Catherine Cook, Ed.D.

Our Wonderful Journey Serving Gifted Children:

Da Vinci Center began in 2009 in my home in Alameda as various members of the gifted community came together to design and create an environment that would truly serve gifted children.  Gifted children often have a difficult time integrating into "regular" school environments as they need teachers who understand the highly unique needs of gifted children; they need high level intellectual stimulation, social-emotional support, individualized hands-on experiential learning, as well as exposure to multi-age gifted peers.

Da Vinci Center continues to evolve in different ways to meet the highly diverse needs of gifted children and their families, and we are located at 2050 Lincoln Avenue in the heart of beautiful Alameda for both our full time and part time private school programs.  

We hire only highly qualified, caring, credentialed teachers, or specialists who are experts in their fieldsAll have been fingerprinted, back ground checked and have a track record of success. Instructors offer hands-on learning opportunities with high engagement, fun, and appropriately challenging curricula and activities.  Our teachers are attuned and responsive to the social-emotional needs and varying levels of support required for the success of asynchronous gifted children, and non-violent communication and social success are a formalized part of our curricula.  There are only five full time children for every one certificated teacher - you will not find a better ratio in the Bay Area to ensure highly individualized programs and student success!

I have over thirty years of experience as a teacher and educational administrator, and I am also the mother of a profoundly gifted seventeen year old son.  I well know that the path of parenting a gifted child is both exhilarating and extremely challenging.  Da Vinci is here to help. 

Whether you are looking for a full time or part time gifted school, the Da Vinci Center team is here to meet the needs of your gifted child.  We look forward to serving your family.

Dr. Catherine Cook, MSEd., Ed.D.
Da Vinci Center for Gifted Children
(510) 219-9410

Dr. Catherine and her students studying Astronomy in 2010